You Wont Want to Miss Out on these Summer Drinking Games

Something that comes with being a college student is the ability to be able to throw a ping pong ball into a cup of beer. Beer pong is a staple of every frat party, social event, or regular Friday night hang out. Sadly, it is no longer impressive to know how to play beer pong or even to be especially good at the so-called sport. This is because anyone can play games like beer pong, flip cup, or quarters. That’s why, this summer, we have some new drinking games that you’ll be  dying to try out.

America’s most wanted:

Here’s how it works. One person is chosen to be the “FBI agent” and is given a bottle of alcohol and a shot glass. Every other player is then given two minutes to go hide within the area. After this point, the game is a simple game of hide n seek, but the FBI agent administers shots to people as they are found. If, after an agreed upon time limit, the agent hasn’t found everyone, he or she must take all the remaining shots. This game can be played with single hiders, or hiders in co-ed pairs for things to get more interesting.


This game is less for day drinks and frat parties and more for brunches and yacht clubs. Here’s how you play. Open a stock market, such as Bittrex, on your phone and have each person pick a coin. You watch the market in real time every minute. At the end of every minute if your coin goes up, you are in the clear. If your coin goes down or stays the same, you must drink. If this game is not exciting enough for you, you can spice it up by each putting in $20 and after 10 minutes, whoever’s coin has the most gains gets to keep the pot. So glad we found a drinking game for all your business major nerds out there.


This game is a classy (or not so classy, depends how you spin it) version of Pictionary. For this game, each person should draw a picture of their.. you know.. lower region.. and hang them up on the walls like an art gallery. Everyone then should walk around while holding a glass of wine and take guesses on who’s picture belongs to who. You must take a shot for every time someone guesses your picture correctly and shot gun a beer if no one is able to get it.

Although none of these games will ever become as legendary as beer pong, they are still good ways to spice things up and add some fun to your summer drinking plans.

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