3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Making Smoothies

A blender is one of the most useful kitchen tools you could possibly have in your dorm because you can use it to make a long list of different foods—including smoothies. If you want them to be perfectly healthy and delicious, here are three common mistakes you should avoid.

Going Overboard

Like many other healthy foods that we all know and love, smoothies are only healthy when eaten in moderation. You should also embrace a moderate approach when choosing your ingredients. Using foods rich in healthy fats and natural sugars isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you don’t go overboard.

Unhealthy Ingredients

Your smoothies will be as healthy as the ingredients you use, and some pretty common choices aren’t necessarily that great. Canned fruits, flavored yogurts, and juices are best avoided because they’ll turn your smoothies into a sugary calorie bomb.

Don’t Forget To Clean Up

Smoothies are one of the most hustle-free things you could possibly make in your dorm, but there’s still a mess to be cleaned up after making them. It’s best to wash your blender right away when it’s the easiest to clean it up. You might be tempted to refrigerate some smoothies for later, but this is best avoided because healthy nutrients can decrease over time.

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