3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Interiors

When you’re at college, you often end up living in accommodations you wouldn’t necessarily choose. Whether you’re sharing a home with eight others, or living in dorms which are just a little cramped, sometimes it’s easy to yearn for a space to call your own. If this isn’t currently possible, the next best option is to make what space you do have as pleasant and as personal as you can. Check out these three easy (and cheap!) ways to boost your room or shared student accommodation.

Rugs Rule

If the carpet in your dorm or home is well past its best, a beautiful rug can do a great job of hiding rather than bringing attention to this. It will also add a splash of color and character to your room, even if the furniture and fittings are not your own.

Lightbulb Moment

It may sound strange, but changing the lightbulbs in your living space will cost next to nothing, but can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room. Often, dorms and student housing comes provided with cheap, dim bulbs which can leave a room feeling depressing. Change these for brighter lights, or filament bulbs if that’s your vibe, to speedily change the way a room feels.

Wall Art

Invest in a few ‘wall safe’ hangings, which can be purchased from most hardware shops. The idea of these is that they can be attached to a wall (or even a ceiling) without pulling away the paint or leaving marks when you come to remove them. They can be used to hang lighter frames and pictures, which can really help to personalize a room and bring a pop of color.

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