3 Emotions You Will Experience Close To Graduation

When you first arrive on your university’s campus as an anxious, excited freshman, you are filled with too many emotions to count. You’re nervous to meet new people, a bit homesick, but mostly, you’re ready to take on the next four years of your life. Throughout your time in college, you will undoubtedly experience a whole bunch of other emotions as well.

From happiness when you get invited to the coolest house party of the semester, to sadness when you see the guy you like flirting with another girl, to stress when you are waiting for your professor to input your grade into the grade book from the exam that you took two weeks ago. Through all of this, you experience a rollercoaster of emotions. So, what happens when college is coming to an end? Do all of these intensely different emotions go away?

Well, no. As graduation approaches, more and more emotions become apparent. The three emotions leading up to graduation can be summed up in three: excitement, denial, and confusion. When senior year approaches, everyone just seems to get excited. From feeling more mature, taking easier classes, and being able to take part in the right- of – passage rituals granted to seniors when the time comes, it is easy to become very excited about your senior status.

3 Emotions You Will Experience Close To Graduation

However, once the initial excitement calms down, it is easy to fall into a bit of a denial. The urge to go out every night and “relive freshman year” becomes quite strong. When experiencing denial of the fact that in a few short months you will no longer be a college student, you may fall into a tunnel of sadness.

Lastly, there is an intense feeling of confusion. Where did all the time go? How are you going to live in a different city than your best friends after graduation? Through all of these emotions, it is important to keep a calm head on your shoulders. Instead of denial and sadness, think about all of the positive experiences you have had an how you will implement the lessons that you have learned into the next aspect of your life.

Latch on to the excitement of starting a new phase of your life, knowing that you will have a wonderful education, experiences, and friends that you made during your time at school.

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