3 Tips for Keeping Freshman Flu at Bay

Moving away to college is an incredibly exciting time in any student’s life, but it’s one that is often blighted by coughs, colds, and even the flu as people mix in their new accommodation and with others they meet on their courses. While socializing is definitely a good thing, it can bring an increased risk of picking up a nasty bug in your first few weeks as a freshman. There are no cures or ways to completely avoid these kinds of illnesses, but taking care of your general health and wellbeing can make any bugs you do catch less severe and long-lasting. Check out these simple tips on how to stay as well as you can in your first few weeks of college.

Consider Supplements

Even if you’ve never needed supplements before, your first few weeks at college may be a good time to consider taking them. Anything that boosts immunity, such as vitamin C and zinc, is good, and you can also try magnesium for boosting your cognitive function and focus.

Prioritize Sleep

This one is especially hard in your first few weeks at college, as you will want to say ‘yes’ to every social event so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. However, it’s important to pace yourself and get a good balance of socializing and sleep. Perhaps set some rules for yourself – if you’ve had two consecutive nights of little to no sleep, make sleep a priority on the third, or schedule naps across the week so you’re catching up on rest.

Spend Time in the Sunshine

Not only can getting sufficient vitamin D boost your wellbeing and happiness, but it also has links with our immunity. You don’t want to overdo sun exposure, but getting around ten minutes a day has proven benefits for our skin, physical health and emotional wellbeing. It’s even better if you team up your sun time with a gentle walk in the park, for some added physical benefits.

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