3 Ways to Up Your Cooking Game

As a student, there are neverending jokes about having no cooking skills, or only cooking pasta for every meal. This lack of confidence in the kitchen isn’t surprising—most students have only just left home and are still getting to grips with adult life. But your time as a student is also the perfect opportunity to work on those culinary skills. Here are three tips to help you up your cooking game.

Get Comfortable With Seasoning

Seasoning is one of the most integral parts of cooking. You could have the exact same ingredients for two dishes, but with different seasonings and they would be entirely different meals. Get to know how certain herbs and spices interact with each other, and learn how to add salt and pepper in the right quantities. 

Learn Different Techniques

Recipes will use a wide range of terminology when it comes to cooking. Learn the difference between sauteeing and frying, or dicing and julienning. Once you get accustomed to these terms, picking up recipes will be so much easier and simpler. 

Upgrade Your Equipment

This isn’t to say you need to spend loads of money on kitchen equipment, but a few basic upgrades are necessary. Make sure you have a few high-quality knives and some decent pots and pans. You’ll notice instantly the difference made by some proper tools. 

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