3 Websites That Offer Cheap Textbooks

As a student, you’re probably well aware of just how expensive college can be. Between heavy fees and notorious student loans, you’re probably open to saving money where possible. This includes pricey textbooks. Here are some of the best websites where you can buy cheaper textbooks.


With some discounts being as high as 90%, this website also offers you the option to rent textbooks so that you can save even more money and only use them when you need to. What’s more, Chegg also offers ebooks, meaning you don’t even have to wait for the physical delivery of your books.


What’s particularly useful about SlugBooks is that it offers a price comparison tool, enabling you to compare its prices to popular alternatives including Amazon, Campus Book Rentals, and VitalSource.


Given that this online store sells almost anything, it comes as no surprise that it offers college textbooks as well. Because of high competition, sellers often have to set affordable prices in order to lure buyers, thereby giving you the power.

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