4 Tips to Boost Your Back Health

Between lectures, study sessions, and Netflix binges, sitting can often seem like our default mode. However, all that sitting time can take a toll on our backs. If you can relate, here are four simple tips you can start implementing to keep your spine smiling.

Upgrade Your Seating Game

Level up your chair situation with one that’s got your back—literally. Look for options with proper lumbar support to keep you comfy and upright during long study sessions (or… YouTube breaks).

Stretch It Out

Take some time away from the screen with regular stretching breaks. Reach for the sky, twist side to side—whatever works for you. If you need some guidance, put on a quick stretching video and follow the instructor. Your back is sure to thank you.

Posture Check

Channel your inner Pilates instructor and make sure you sit up straight—no slouching allowed. Keep your shoulders back and feet planted firmly on the ground. It’s a real game-changer.

Ergonomic Essentials

Tweak your workspace to support your spine. Adjust your screen to eye level, and make sure your keyboard and mouse are within reach. A little ergonomic love goes a long way.

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