5 Fun Ways to Tire Your Body When You Can’t Sleep

Juggling studies, work, and social life can be super stressful, and one of the ways this stress manifests is trouble sleeping. If you need to get some shuteye ASAP and think you’ve tried it all, check out this list of enjoyable activities to tire your body and relax your mind. Good luck, and good night.

Dance Party

If you can’t sleep anyway, why not make it fun? Put on your favorite songs and have a solo dance party in your room. It’ll help release stress and tire your right out.


Practicing gentle yoga poses or doing some relaxing stretches are great ways to ease tension in your body and calm your mind.

Spa Night

Treat yourself to a spa night with the full package of a bubble bath, a face mask, and some relaxing music. Self-care really has a way of melting away stress.


Go back to kindergarten by grabbing some coloring books and letting your creativity flow. Seriously, thought, coloring can be super meditative and help quiet a busy mind.


Reading tires your eyes and helps distract your mind. Picking up a book and allowing yourself to get swept away by the story is a surefire way to induce sleepiness.

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