5 Tips for Studying Effectively During the Holiday Season

With holidays just around the corner, studying all day long doesn’t sound so appealing, but it’s important to stay on top of your coursework. If you’re tempted to ditch your textbooks and get into a festive spirit, this brief guide will help you stay motivated for studying.

Important Dates

Whether you’re going home or staying on campus this holiday season, your social calendar will likely be full, so it’s important to plan your studying sessions around the important dates.

Stick to Deadlines

With so many distractions, it’s tough to stay focused during the holiday season, but you should make it your priority to stick to deadlines so you wouldn’t fall behind in your classes.

Set Reasonable Goals

Having a study plan with clear goals is a great motivational tool, but it’s important to stay reasonable when setting your goals during the holidays because you’ll have to take things a little bit slower than usual.

Revise and Catch Up

If you don’t open a single textbook during the holidays, you’ll struggle to get back into it, so it’s best to use this time to catch up on your notes and revise what you’ve learned.

Perfect Balance

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself during the holidays and try to find the perfect balance between studying and other activities. It’s important to take this time to refresh and recharge your batteries, and studying all the time won’t get you there.

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