5 Types of Clothing You Should Probably Leave Behind When Packing for College

You might be tempted to pack your full closet when going away for college, but this is a huge no-no. The storage space in your dorm will be extremely limited, so you should only bring the essentials you can easily mix and match—and these five items don’t fall under that category.

Unnecessary Shoes

You’ll realistically need between five and 10 pairs of shoes during your time in college. Uncomfortable formal shoes and high heels are usually best left at home because you’ll rarely need them.


Overly formal attire is also best left at home, and a single suit or a fancy gown is usually more than enough since you’ll only need it for interviews and special occasions.

Neglected Clothes

Before putting a certain item in your college suitcase, try to remember the last time you wore it. If you realize that you haven’t worn a certain item in years, consider leaving it at home, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll suddenly start wearing it in college.

Party Wear

College and parting go hand in hand but try to limit the number of party dresses that you’re going to bring along because you can easily re-wear them.

Out-Of-Season Clothes

If you’re planning to go home during the college year, don’t pack too many out-of-season items. They’ll just be taking up space and you can easily have them shipped or bring them with you next time.

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