Advice for When a Housemate is Going Through a Breakup

Living with housemates can often bring about some amazing moments and some exciting memories, and can also bring about stress and difficulty. You usually end up building a close bond with the people you live with, as you see each other’s best and worst sides. A difficult situation is when one of your housemates experiences a breakup, so here is some advice for this scenario. 

Be Understanding

Whether this is something you have experienced yourself or not shouldn’t matter, you’ll still know how painful this must be for them. Being understanding of this will help you navigate the situation much better, and when they need your support you will be more in tune with how they are feeling. 

Try to Take Their Mind Off Things

One of the best ways to deal with the painful emotions from a breakup is to go out and do some fun things, so this is where you can step up as a friend and a housemate. Plan some activities to do with each other and get other friends involved too. Having good people around will help your housemate feel less affected by the change. 

Give Them Space Too

While having people around is super helpful, sometimes we just need to sit and experience our emotions. It will be a great help to your housemate to know they can take some time to themself when needed.

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