Best Plants For Your Dorm Room

Given that dorms are small spaces that typically come furnished, it can be difficult to find ways to personalize them to feel like home. Fortunately, with some plants, you can immediately add your flavor to the room. Here are the best plants that you can put in your dorm room.

Lucky Bamboo

Able to grow in both distilled water with rocks or in soil, lucky bamboo can be cultivated almost anywhere, making it the ideal plant for college students thanks to being so low maintenance. Simply put it in some bright, indirect light and remember to water it.


Instantly recognizable by its waxy leaves and aromatic flowers, the hoya plant is a durable plant that can withstand a little neglect if you do forget to water it on occasion. Still, make sure that it gets light in order to really thrive.

Snake Plant

While they may be slow to grow, snake plants are also very hard to kill. Snake plants only require water when their soil is almost bone dry; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you can select one that best suits your style. Simply place this plant in bright, indirect light and give it the chance to grow at its own pace.

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