Best Time Management and Organizational Apps for Students

Juggling your heavy study schedule with your social life and fitness routine can be very challenging. Fortunately, with a little digital help, you’ll be able to manage your time a lot more effectively with minimal extra effort. Here are the best time management apps for students.


With visualization techniques such as kanban boards, Trello specializes in providing you with an easy-to-digest way of managing your schedule. This app manages your due dates and provides reminders while also allowing you to make checklists so you don’t miss a beat.


Available in desktop and mobile versions, Todoist specializes in helping you prioritize your tasks and get things done in a systematic way. You’ll be able to sort your tasks according to priority level while adding task descriptions and subsections for further clarity.


This platform is great at helping you to plan ahead by adding time estimates for each task. ClickUp also offers a variety of time management schedule templates, with options to add attachments, descriptions, and categories to each task, helping you to live a balanced lifestyle. What’s more, it comes with whiteboards, enabling you to take notes just like you would in a physical notebook during lectures.

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