Best U.S. College Towns Where You Can Study

While your education and future career prospects are no doubt important, it’s also crucial to enjoy your social life in college. Naturally, when you have a bustling life on campus, your mood will pick up and perhaps even make it easier to focus on your studies when the time comes to hit the books. Here are the best U.S. college towns where you’ll be able to enjoy a promising student life.

Lynchburg, Virginia

This city is home to six colleges, the biggest of which is Lynchburg University. Not only is this college packed with students and other young people, but it’s a highly convenient walking city where you can easily get wherever you need on a bicycle or on foot.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa is a sports-obsessed city, making it the perfect place to enjoy tailgates on gameday. Music fans will be equally as thrilled to be in this city, with its massive outdoor concerts at the Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater.

Columbia, Missouri

In Columbia, you’ll have no shortage of entertainment as you attend the University of Missouri. If you go downtown, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of pizza and burger joints along with a University of Missouri-run ice cream shop.

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