Best Ways to Deal with a Messy Dormmate

Sharing a dorm room with another person isn’t a walk in the park—especially if the person in question is as messy as they get. Many college students must deal with this problem after moving into the dorm for the first time, and these useful tips can make things easier.

Clear Expectations

The sooner you talk to your dormmate about keeping the room tidy, the easier it will be. Set your expectations clear from the get-go to avoid conflict in the long run.

Cleaning Schedule

Setting a cleaning schedule with your roommate will save you a lot of energy and lessen unnecessary conflict. Set specific cleaning days and tasks for each of you to avoid doing all the heavy lifting on your own.

Addressing the Mess

Everyone always tries to make a good first impression and having your roommate agree to keep the room clean doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do it. Once the problems occur, address them in a calm matter, pointing out a specific issue instead of shaming your roommate for being “a lazy slob”.

Keep Your Section Clean

It’s tough to complain about your roommate being messy if you don’t live by example. It’s not your job to clean your roommate’s mess, so focus on things that you can control and try to keep your part of the dorm clean and neat.

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