Can You Guess Where the Cast of “Emily in Paris” Went to School?

The third season of Emily in Paris is taking Netflix by storm again and it reunited us with the show’s amazing cast. Most of the show’s cast members are in their early thirties, so their college years aren’t that long behind them, but can you guess where they went to school?

Lily Collins

Collins was basically acting for as long as she could walk, so it’s a shocker that her major had nothing to do with drama. She actually studied broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California, but she’s now on the other side of that profession.

Ashley Park

It’s not a coincidence that Mindy is singing on pretty much every episode of Emily in Paris. She attended the University of Michigan, where she earned a BFA in musical theatre from the School of Music, Theater, and Dance.

Lucas Bravo

Bravo graduated from the secondary school Lycée Pasteur on the outskirts of Paris and turned to modeling and acting following his graduation.

Camille Razat

Razat embarked on a similar path as Bravo after completing her schooling at the Lycée Saint-Sernin in Toulouse, mostly starring in French productions before being cast as Camille.

Lucien Laviscount

After being awarded 10 GCSEs at the Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe, Laviscount decided to turn to Hollywood instead of going to university. He’s been acting since he was ten and the decision to do it full-time made sense at the time.

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