Dorms or Outside Apartment?

Here’s one of the big questions about college. Should you live on campus in the dorms or in a nearby apartment? We have weighed the pros and cons and come up with a good solution for you! First of all, most colleges require freshmen students to live on campus for the first year and they give them the option to choose.

We think the best thing to do would be to live on campus the first year and then take a choice after that. As a freshman living on campus will be extremely helpful. That will minimize the shock of having to take care of yourself and not living with your parents anymore, it will give you more chances to hang out and make new friends and will make you live the full college experience. Not to mention that many freshmen decide eventually to join frats or sororities and end up going to live in those mansions on campus in their second year.

So you don’t want to sign a contract for an apartment not knowing who your closest friends in college will be and in what fraternity or sorority you will get in. Of course there are some more factors to consider: the financial one, personal needs and an academic impact on both living in a dorm or alone in an apartment. Follow our advice and you won’t regret it!

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