Easiest and Hardest Places to Study Abroad If You Dont Speak The Language

Studying abroad is truly a life-changing experience and is highly recommended to students all across the United States. Over 325,000 students reportedly studied abroad in the year 2016, and those numbers have only been increasing from there.

For students who choose not to study abroad, many times their decision is based on not feeling comfortable moving to a place for about four months where they don’t speak the language. And while many study abroad programs are language-focused, there are a ton of options created for students who want the abroad experience without prior knowledge of an international language.

In this case, it is important to understand which countries are good for studying in, if you are not comfortable with the language, and which ones are not the best.

Easiest and Hardest Places to Study Abroad If You Dont Speak The Language

If you want to study abroad but are fearful of interacting with a completely new language, your easiest bet will be to find a program in London, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. Here, although the dialect is different, people speak English. If you are a bit more adventurous, consider studying in Italy. Italians are friendly and will most likely try to communicate with you in English if they know the basics.

The worst places to study abroad if you are not keen on immersing yourself in a new language are France, China, and other less traveled to and less westernized countries. In France, although many people know English, they will look down on you and be rude if they don’t see you making an effort to speak to them in French.

China is difficult because not only is there a new language, but there is also an entirely different alphabet and many cultural differences. Countries that are less traveled to are less likely to have had previous experiences interacting with Americans and therefore communication may be difficult.

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