Easy Snacks To Keep In Your Dorm Room

One of the most amazing parts of college is the unlimited dining hall meal plans that exist on a majority of campuses around the United States. These dining halls can offer virtually any type of food that you are craving. The one downfall is that these food options are often not available to be taken outside of the dining hall to be consumed. In order to control those hunger pangs when you are studying for a major test and can’t find the time to leave your dorm room to feeling so tired from the previous night’s shenanigans to move at all, here are three snack ideas to keep in your dorm room at all times.

Granola bars. Granola bars will save your life. These fibrous, sweet treats are the perfect small snack to hold you over between meals. They are relatively inexpensive and therefore you can invest in many different flavor options in order to have a good variety to choose from when the time comes.

Easy Snacks To Keep In Your Dorm Room

Almonds or peanuts. Keeping around a bag of nuts, trail mix, or nut butter is a perfect way to keep some filling snacks around the dorm. Whenever you need a quick pick me up, a handful of nuts or a spoonful of nut butter will definitely hold you over for a while. The high protein and good fat content will keep you fuller for a longer period of time than if you were to just grab a bag of chips.

Clementines. When it comes to snacks, nothing is really easier or healthier than grabbing a piece of fruit. Eating fruit is especially good if you are tired and need an instant kick. The natural sugars in fruit will allow you to feel energized, Clementines are great because you can buy them in bulk and they have a lot of Vitamin C as well.

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