Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Moving from Student Accommodation to Renting

Student accommodation is a very mixed bag. Sometimes you’ll end up with people you love who are super respectful and considerate and it’s a dream come true. But other times you’ll find yourself with some less favorable housemates and in a dated, run-down property. Either way, there will inevitably be a time when you leave the world of student accommodation and switch to regular old renting. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

The Uni Can’t Get Involved

Many student accommodations are linked with the university so if something goes wrong they can be your advocate. With privately rented places you have to be much more on the ball about issues that arise and be prepared to maturely argue your case. In general, you will have to be much more responsible for the shared running of the household.

Housemates May be of All Ages and Backgrounds

With student housing, you are of course sharing with other students who are likely to be of a similar age to you. You may well have similar interests and lifestyles too. When you start to rent with non-students be mindful of the fact that people may not appreciate lots of noise late at night or huge parties. Always be respectful of people’s work hours and any lifestyle choices, cultural differences, and religion. 

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