European Colleges vs. American Colleges

Have you ever thought of what’s the difference between European and American Colleges? You probably don’t even know that in certain countries, students don’t live on campus or don’t pregame or tailgate.

Let’s find out the main differences. In the US, students pursue a broad academic experience with the goal to specialize in a certain area at the end of their 4 years.

In Europe, students choose a more specified area of study even before starting school. In the US, campuses are huge and offer all kind of amenities.

European Colleges vs. American Colleges

In Europe, most schools are inside the city and only have buildings for lectures. When it comes to tuition, the two places are completely different. American colleges are much more expensive than European ones.

Also, classes in European colleges are much bigger than in the American ones where there are usually small groups of students.

They both have strong points and weaknesses, but the best way to do it is to study in one of them and go abroad for an exchange to experience the differences in the teaching methods and lifestyle.

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