Healthy Fast Food Options When You’re Short on Time

If you have a very busy schedule at college and are short on time, then chances are that you may not always feel like cooking at the end of a long day. While fast food is often known for being unhealthy, there are some options that are more nutritious than others. Here are healthier fast food options to consider when you’re looking for a quick meal.

Panda Express

While there is an array of scrumptious options at this American-Chinese fast food franchise, the String Bean Chicken Breast is a particularly scrumptious option. Giving you chicken, string beans, and onion, you’ll receive your fix of protein and vegetables, all drizzled in a delectable ginger soy sauce.

Panera Bread

This bakery-style cafe provides a wide array of healthy meal options. One wholesome dish is the Mediterranean Bowl With Chicken, giving a wide array of scrumptious toppings including Kalamata olives, lemon tahini dressing, and feta.

Taco Bell

What’s great about Taco Bell is that there is an array of vegetarian options in addition to the classic meaty dishes. One solid choice is the veggie Power Menu Bowl, topped with black beans and rice.

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