Heartfelt Gift Ideas for When You’re on a Tight Budget

Being a student often means having limited finances. Covering the costs of doing your course along with accommodation is a tricky thing to balance, especially when you’re unable to work full-time. This can often mean that when people’s birthdays arise there is inevitable stress over wanting to get a lovely gift but not being able to afford much. Here are some ideas for heartfelt options that don’t cost the earth. 

A Memory Basket

This is a perfect choice for this scenario, as the effort and thought that has gone into it will be very clear and much appreciated, and you can put something together for a low cost. Print a few pictures out and gather some items that signify certain experiences and memories for yourself and the person. For example, gig tickets or some shells collected at the sea. You can put it together however you like and include little messages to accompany the items. 

A Day of Activities

You can spend some time thinking and researching activities and things to explore in your local area that you’d both like. So often you can find really fun and lovely things to do for little to no money. Again, the gift here is the effort you’ve put into thinking about what the person would enjoy and taking some time to carefully plan it all out. This will be such a sweet thing for you both to look forward to, and the memories will last a lifetime.

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