Heres How Colleges Can Help Students Keep out of Academic Trouble

Every year new students start school across the country. By the winter break, a lot of them will have a grade point average that places them in probation and puts their college educations at risk.  Probation is an academic status that might not allow you to keep going with your studies. This issue involve a lot of students and is becoming more and more frequent every year.

So the question is: can universities do something to help more of these students graduate?  A student ends up in probation when his cumulative grade point average falls below a stated level. If they remain below, they are removed from the school. If they bring grades back to a higher level, they can continue. How can college help? A lot of colleges took this issue very seriously and are making a lot of changes.

Apparently, the student should be allowed to go through the first year regardless. The first of the 4 years of college is the toughest for the student. He needs to get used to a new study system, starts a new major on which he is not prepared and has to get through a lot of personal changes. Luckily there are also a lot of learning communities, study groups that can help him. Another option is for colleges to look carefully at their first year courses and make sure they are not too hard.

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