Here’s How to Tackle the Most Common Skincare Complaints

Almost all of us suffer from skin issues from time to time. The question is not whether we’ll every have any problems with our skin, but how to deal with these problems when they do arise. While some conditions need specialist attention, for common issues such as dryness, oiliness or mild acne, there are plenty of products available to purchase which can make a real difference. Check out these tips on how to address some of the most common skin complaints at home.


If you’re struggling with dry skin, avoid the conditions which can exacerbate this condition as much as possible. This means protecting your skin if you’re going outside in cold weather (especially if there is wind chill), but also reducing your time in artificially heated rooms. Find a reliable, non-fragranced moisturizer to use at night, and in the day time avoid layering up too many products over your skin as this can reduce the efficacy of your moisturizer and draw attention to dry patches on your skin.


Oily skin can cause a whole host of other issues, from blocked pores to finding your foundation sliding off your face come midday. Use a toner designed for oily skin, and a niacinamide serum can work wonders when used consistently. Don’t skip moisturizer, but do look for one designed for oily skin, as those designed for dry complexions may block pores and worsen oil production.

Dull Skin

Healthy skin has a bounce and a glow that is hard to fake using make up products. Seek out serums infused with vitamin C to boost your glow, and don’t forget to exfoliate regularly using salicylic or lactic acid to boost collagen production which will support your glow.

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