How Napping Can Get You Better Grades

When finals season comes around, sleep officially becomes the enemy. If all your time needs to be dedicated to studying and learning, it’s hard to find the right balance between staying healthy and staying ahead of the studying curve.

However, scientists have confirmed that sleeping is essential when it comes to retaining memory. Additionally, napping during the day can ensure you stay mentally sharp and ready during exams! This begs the question of what is the best time to nap and how long should each nap be?

How Napping Can Get You Better Grades

Between 1 pm and 3 pm, our body temperatures are lowered, and melatonin levels rise in our body. These are strong indicators that sleep is needed.

A quick power nap can put you back on course and help you stay alert and focused. On average, napping should last 45 minutes or less. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for your body to get back into action once you are awake again.

Napping is known to be beneficial for more than just studying purposes. It aids in physical performance and strength, boosts creativity, regulated emotions, and even keeps you looking young and attractive! That’s right, beauty sleep is a real thing!

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