How to Maintain Your Family Ties in College

Heading to college is more than just academics. For many, it’s the first time that they will actually live away from their childhood homes. If this happens to be you, then you might be worried about how to maintain your cherished connections with your parents and siblings. Here is how you can maintain your family ties in college.

Call Regularly

The easiest way to maintain contact from afar is by phoning your family. Schedule a regular timeslot for your family calls so that you and your family can enjoy some quality conversations and keep close even from afar.

Family Group Chat

Sometimes, our schedules don’t permit enough time to engage in a long chat. This is why a family group chat is a good idea. This can be a place where you and your family members post life updates, share ideas, and even crack a few jokes.

Surprise Visits

While this would take some planning in advance, consider making a trip out to your family home to surprise your parents and siblings. You can all enjoy a family weekend together, crafting special memories to hold onto until you meet up again. You could also invite your parents to visit your college campus where you can give them a personalized tour.

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