How To Make Friends Through Exercise

While college is certainly a time to reinvent yourself and make new friends, doing so can be difficult when you first get to college, especially due to being overwhelmed by a new atmosphere. Fortunately, if you’re looking to exercise in college, there are some ways that your fitness program can help you meet new friends. Here’s how to make friends through exercise in college.

Group Classes

Instead of running on the treadmill or lifting weights, consider heading to a group class. Not only will this provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a more holistic workout, but you’ll also be thrown into a bustling social scene.


Sports such as tennis are automatically sociable as you need a partner in order to participate. What’s more, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can play a doubles match in order to develop friendships with other couples.

Running Groups

Rather than jogging around campus on your own, join a running club where you can meet other people also looking to get into shape. In addition to making friends, being in a fun, social environment will make it easier for you to attain your fitness goals. You may even end up participating in some marathons or park runs to put your abilities to the test.

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