How to Prepare For a College Interview

Interviews are annoying. You have to sit there for at least 30 minutes and answer questions after questions.

However, there’s a way to prepare yourself and to be less stressed when the time will come. Just practice!

Some questions are in fact the typical ones. They will ask you to tell you about yourself. It seems like an easy one, but because it’s so general you might not know where to begin.

Try to sound special and highlight what makes you different from the other. The best way to prepare is rehearsed answering this question.

How to Prepare For a College Interview

They might ask you after why you’re interested in that specific college. Prepare this answer! Talk about your interests and academic program, don’t talk about rankings and how close this college is to home.

They will ask you what you want to major in. Indicate a specific subject or aspirations, just be ready to answer specific questions.

If they ask you about your academic strengths and weaknesses, make sure you know both and highlight how you want to work on your weaknesses. Don’t say you have no weaknesses, everyone has. Try to be calm and sure of what you are saying. Everything will be ok!

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