How to Sleep When You’ve Got Exams Stress

The stress of studying for and taking exams can be incredibly disruptive to your overall health and sleep. What’s worse, this can get us stuck in a cycle of stress with little sleep, which can go on getting worse and worse! Take back some control and give yourself the gift of healing, restorative sleep. Check out these three tips on managing your stress and sleep patterns during exam season.

Create a Timetable 

Having a clear timetable to work towards will help you structure your time and make you feel productive. This in turn should reduce stress, because whenever the panic about an impending exam rises, you can remind yourself that you’ve got your study timetable under control. Use the timetable to help you set a reasonable time to go to bed and get up each morning. Following a pattern will help you establish healthy sleep habits and make you feel more rested.

Do Something You Enjoy

When you’ve got exams, it’s tempting to feel that all your time should be spent revising. However you need to give your brain a chance to relax and unwind, so spend half an hour to an hour at the end of each day doing what you really love. Whether it’s a craft such as sewing, baking or just singing out loud to your favorite songs, combine with your study time with downtime for the best results.

Get Some Exercise

One of the most common pieces of advice about sleeping is repeated so much because it’s true – physical activity will help your body prepare for sleep and regulate your circadian rhythms. Whether it’s some calming yoga, a fast-paced run, or a gym session, make time in your day for exercise.

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