How to Stay Calm Before a Job Interview

If you’ve landed a job interview, congratulations! This is a great sign which indicates that you have already impressed your prospective employer, and now they want to meet you to see if you’re right for the role. Don’t forget, the interview is a two way process, and this is also your chance to see if the company or place of work is right for you. Most of us get nervous before big events like an interview, so follow these tips to stay in the zone and calm before you step in front of the interview panel.

Prepare The Day Before

Even if the interview isn’t first thing in the morning, it can help to lay out your interview outfit and anything else you might need for the day the night before, so you’re focused and ready to go on interview day. Pick an outfit that’s smart, modern and not revealing, so that you come across as professional and forward thinking.

Do Your Research

While you don’t want to overthink the interview, doing a little background research on the company or the role you’re applying for can give you a confidence boost and help you field any unexpected questions. It will also help you to explain how and why you’ll fit into the current team, which is a question which matters to most employers.

Breathe Deeply

Taking a few moments just before the interview to breathe deeply can help you regain your focus and control. Some people find that focusing in on an object in the room, such as a plant or a picture, can also help stop their thoughts from racing. Others find that eating a mint can provide a sense of clarity and focus, so you can try all of these methods as you wait to be called to interview.

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