Ideas for Natural Decor for Your Dorm

Decorating your dorm is a huge part of the college experience. For most people, this is the first opportunity to leave home and live more independently, and as such choosing the decorations for your room and dorm space is super important. If you’d love to add some pretty decor but want to have a natural feel to it, then here are some ideas for how to include some stylish, natural decor.

Sea Shells

These are perfect, as they are super easy to find and collect but look so pretty and bring such a lovely, natural ambiance to a room. You can add them to items, such as sticking them on a mirror, or you can simply line them up on a windowsill. 

Dried Flowers

If you want to have items you’ve sourced yourself, then picking some flowers to press or dry is ideal. These can then be placed in a vase and left for a long time without looking wilted. If you’d rather have an easier option, then you can easily find independent companies selling dried flowers. 


Again, this is something that can often be found at beaches and collected easily. When placed in the right spot, using this item as decoration can bring the perfect level of nature and boho style to a room.

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