Is a Placement Year Worth it?

There are so many different options when it comes to carrying out your degree. A lot of the variation in what’s available to you will depend on your chosen course and field of study. However, for many courses, you are given the chance to complete a placement year within your degree. This is usually a year within an organization that’s relevant to your subject, where you experience firsthand the working environment. Here’s some advice to help you decide whether this is right for you. 

Would the Placement Year be Relevant?

For some people, the placement options available to them for their course are perfectly matched for the area of work they want to go into. However, if the options available are within areas that you have no interest in, then it may not be super helpful. If you’re unsure of what area you want to go into, then trying out something via a placement year can be useful to narrow it down.

Would an Extra Year Feel Right for You?

Some people love the experience of studying and want it to last forever. But others may be less keen and are really excited to finish their studies and enter the world of work. While placement can give you a sense of the world of work, they do delay things and so should only be considered if it will really benefit your career progression.

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