Is College the Right Time to Learn to Drive?

Learning to drive is a major skill that many people work towards. Some may have learned as soon as they were legally allowed, while others may not have found it the right time for them. If you haven’t yet learned but know you want to at some point, then being at college may well have you thinking more about this. Here are some points to consider to help you work out whether it would be the right time for you or not. 

Can You Fund It?

Learning to drive is incredibly expensive. Even if you have enough money set aside to cover your estimations, there are often many ways that it ends up being more money than originally expected. Having to book extra lessons for an area you find hard, or retaking a test can add lots to the overall cost, so it’s important to make sure you can cover more than what you have estimated. 

Do You Have the Time for It?

Having driving lessons takes up a huge chunk of your free time. In order for the lessons to be most effective you will likely want several hours a week. If you’re also studying, socialising, and working then it may feel hard to fit it all in. 

Will It Be Necessary Once You Graduate?

For many people, their living situation and future role may well mean driving is not essential. However, if you plan to live rurally or will be working in a job that requires driving, then it will likely be a good idea to get your driving in before you graduate. 

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