Mascara Cocktailing is the Latest TikTok Beauty Craze You Have to Try

TikTok is the first place we all go to these days when looking for new beauty hacks to try, and mascara cocktailing is the latest craze taking over this social media platform. This trend is all about mixing a few different mascaras to get a custom look, and here are three reasons why you should give it a try.

Perfect Mix

You know that feeling when you have an old mascara with a perfect wand, but the formula simply doesn’t do it for you? Why throw it away, when you can mix it with a new mascara, and get the desired look in a blink of an eye?

@jessicaalba Celebrating #NationalLashDay my fave way – #MascaraCocktail style 😜👁️✨ These are my lengthening and volumizing holy grails 👀 Celebrate with me and tag me in your glam pics or videos 🥂🥰 #SundayFunday #Fabulash #CleanBeauty ♬ Hey It’s Me – BCD Studio

Longer Lashes

Mascara cocktailing is also a great way to achieve longer lashes and that’s the main reason why this trend blew up online. Celebrity makeup artists have been using this technique for years, pairing a volumizing formula with a lengthening or thickening formula to get lush, super-full lash looks.

Money Saver

Money is usually tight when you’re in college, and mascara cocktailing is a perfect trend to try because it also happens to be budget-friendly. It’s a fun and creative way to experiment with makeup without spending a fortune because you can use the mascaras you already have, even the ones that are almost empty. @essence cosmetics , you amaze me😍 #fyp #mascara ♬ original sound – katie

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