Noah Schnapp is the Most Relatable Celebrity College Student

Most child stars never get to have a real college experience due to their celebrity status—and then there’s Noah Schnapp. The Stranger Things actor started attending the University of Pennsylvania this fall, and the more we learn about his college experience, the more relatable it sounds.

Schnapp recently went viral after a video that shows him excited about the prospect of winning $50 for taking part in an on-campus quiz went viral. Despite being an actual millionaire, Schnapp couldn’t wait to answer high school–level economics questions and eventually walked away with $10.

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This wasn’t the first time Schnapp’s college experiences felt super-relatable. He also went viral after sharing a video where he’s celebrating getting into Penn State with his family. He’s currently majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation at this Ivy League university.

Schnapp could’ve easily afforded to stay off campus, but he decided to move into a tiny dorm instead in an attempt to become more independent and organized.

“I wanted the real experience. I always knew from a young age I was going to finish high school, [and] I was going to go to college. It was never really a question for me, and becoming an actor didn’t really change that. So I committed to it and I’m so happy so far,” Schnapp previously told Teen Vogue.

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