Playing Devils Advocate: The Number 1 Reason You Should Not Go Abroad

Are you a college student considering taking a semester abroad in order to obtain your elective credits through obscure cultural classes and self-discovery? Different universities offer a wide range of study abroad programs that fit the credit needs of virtually any student. And if for some reason your school does not offer an abroad opportunity perfect for your academic goals, you are more than likely able to get your credits from participation in outside programs or through another school’s abroad opportunities as well.

You hear almost everyone who has studied abroad say that the experience was amazing and life-changing. Truly, going abroad can be one of the ultimate experiences that will combine cultural enrichment, personal growth, and needless to say, a few extra pounds of yummy, foreign food. You can study in the beautiful cloud forests of Costa Rica, on the beaches and reefs of Australia, and even in a Metropolis like London. So, with all of this hype around studying abroad, what is the number one reason that you shouldn’t go?

Playing Devils Advocate: The Number 1 Reason You Should Not Go Abroad

Well, you may have been expecting some real insight into the dangers of going abroad. However, the real reason that going abroad may make things tough for you is dealing with the aftermath of coming back home. That’s right. Studying abroad is such an incredible opportunity and offers so many exciting experiences that it has actually been shown to negatively affect people once they arrive back home.

Often, students who have recently come back from studying abroad may suffer from depression and sadness from not being able to experience the world as they had been experiencing it while they were in a foreign country. However, don’t let the thought of being sad once you return from abroad getting you down.

Odds are, the actual experience will be totally worth feeling like your college experience once you have arrived back home is extremely average.

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