Put a Healthy Twist on TikTok Food Trends in 3 Short Steps

If TikTok happens to be your main source of food inspiration, you’re not alone. Viral recipes from this social media platform are impossible to resist, but some of them aren’t that healthy. We’re here to help you put a healthy twist on your favorite TikTok trends in three short steps.

Be Picky

TikTok is giving us so many food trends these days that it’s impossible to find time to try all of them, so be picky when making your choice. Stick to trying recipes that seem truly delicious. Even if the food you make isn’t extremely healthy, there’s nothing wrong with having it every once in a while.


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

♬ original sound – speed songs

Smaller Portion

One of the best ways to keep any food a little bit healthier is to keep your portions small. Whether you’re making baked feta pasta or putting together a butter board, try to practice moderation because it’s the best way to keep your food consumption on the healthy side.

Switching Things Up

TikTok recipes come in handy, but who said you have to blindly follow them? Hot chocolate bombs and triangle tortilla wraps may not be healthy, but you can make them a little bit better by switching up the ingredients—and they might taste even better this way!

@cakemehometonight Hot chocolate bombs! DIY! #hotchocolate #hotchocolatebomb #diy #christmastok2021 #hotcocoa #chocolatelover ♬ Back In Your Life (Instrumental) – Track and Field

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