The Nike Shorts and T-Shirt Fad On Every College Campus

In the most recent years, wearing nike shorts and t-shirts, especially oversized t-shirts, has become a phenomenon for girls, making it especially common on college campuses. Because students are free to wear whatever they would like to college classes, this has become the most well known and expected outfit that girls tend to put on in the morning to attend classes. Girls may have had to wear certain clothes and uniforms in high school, but now this is their time to be lazy if they want to. It is clear that the current generation primarily prefers comfort over fashion. Nike shorts were already a popular trend by themself because they are multipurpose as well as affordable. You could be wearing them to class or the library but very much to the gym right after for a quick workout. Also, they come in tons of different colors so girls can pick and choose their favorite colors to mix and match with their favorite t-shirts.

Supposedly, sorority girls are the worst offenders, suggesting that the big t-shirts that they’re wearing are usually repping their sorority letters. By some it has become known as the “srat uniform.” Though this may be the buzz, this trend is definitely not limited to just sorority girls. It is perfect for those who love the roll out of bed attire so early in the morning. While some girls don’t prefer to wear this duo and many boys would rather be looking at girls in yoga pants, regardless, wearing t-shirts and “norts” to class has become more common and widespread across campuses. For those who don’t approve they will just have to get over it because it has become the college norm of the twenty first century.

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