The Real Reasons Some Girls Join Sororities

We know that you always hear the classic answers for why certain people joined sororities, but those answers aren’t often true. These days, the media often either portrays sorority girls as unintelligent, superficial, princesses that only care about boys, Instagram, and partying (don’t get us wrong- we do care about that stuff too)  or portrays Greek Life as a whole as a horrible institution. We’re here to show you what three girls respond when asked why they joined a sorority.

“I wanted a family-style support group to be able to depend on in collegewhen I was going out on my own for the first time without the presence of my biological family.” – Dani Gliksman, Delta Zeta, University of Iowa

“I went through recruitment because my mother was adamant about me getting out there and talking to people. I agreed, because I saw the positive experiences from people that were close to m.e being in Greek life. I wasn’t sure I was going to find a sorority that had people like me. I saw in the final round how deeply members cared about being in a sorority that they were moved to tears because of the experiences they had. I didn’t want to regret not joining because of being seen as the stereotype of the ‘sorority girl.’” – Bridget Carroll, Delta Zeta, University of Iowa

“At first I honestly wasn’t sure if I even wanted to join a sorority. Being from out of state and having no one from my school coming here, I decided that rushing couldn’t hurt since I could always drop if it wasn’t for me, and if anything sororities would help me make friends. Instead, I ended up finding an amazing group of girls that I knew I wanted to be a part of.” –Katie Schumaker, Delta Zeta, University of Iowa

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