The Worst Type of Teacher You’ll Encounter in College

Going to college is an extremely exciting experience. Along with all of the cool social activities and events that you will encounter, the college offers so many amazing educational opportunities that will allow you to grow as a person and develop yourself professionally.

Luckily, there are many professors in college who thrive off of the success of their students and aspire to foster a creative and fun educational environment. These teachers are usually the most highly requested ones on campus, regardless of the times that their class subjects are offered. Unfortunately, just as there are many good teachers, there are many others who probably should have chosen an alternate profession.

Sadly, you will most likely encounter your fair share of bad teachers during your college career. No bad teacher is the same, but here is the absolute worst type of teacher to look out for.

The Worst Type of Teacher Youll Encounter in College

The over-explainer. Sometimes teachers, or people in general, just love to hear themselves talk. In terms of professors, they can either speak too much about a subject of their choosing for two reasons. The first reason, and the one that typically occurs when the teacher is a good one is if they are so passionate about their topic that they feel the need to explain every single thing so that their students will be able to experience the same joys that they do.

A bad teacher will tend to ramble on and on because they get stuck on completely irrelevant tangents. This then leads to a lack of enthusiasm among students, a lack of respect for the professor, and really it turns a crucial period of learning into a dreary waste of time.

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