Tips For Acing Multiple-Choice Tests

Many students might be under the impression that multiple-choice tests are easier than others. After all, the answer is in front of you. Still, college exams are not like school, and many of the options could be very similar to one another and look like a possibility to someone who is unsure. Here are some tips to help you ace your multiple-choice tests and eliminate doubt.

Don’t Look at the Options

When you first start to read a question, don’t pay attention to the multiple-choice questions. Rather try to tap into your own knowledge and answer the question without looking at the answers provided. If it’s a math test, do the equation yourself. This will instill you with confidence when you do look at the answers if your answer lines up with another.

Process of Elimination

If you try to answer the question yourself and you are still unsure of the correct answer, then look at the options in front of you and think about which ones are unlikely to be correct. You may just find that after ruling out the wrong answers, you are left with just one potential answer that proves to be right.

Answer All Questions

If you’re truly unable to identify the correct answer, then simply select a random answer and move on with the test. For all you know, this will be correct. So long as you answer the question, there is a chance that you will be correct.

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