Tips for Calming Your Nerves Before Speaking in Class

Public speaking is one of those experiences that many people struggle with yet it’s essential for many situations. At college, there will be many times when you’re required to talk in front of the class, whether to simply answer a question or to carry out a formal presentation. If you tend to find these moments super stress-inducing, then here are some tips to help you feel calmer. 

Take Some Deep Breaths

This might sound like the most cliche advice, but it is one of the best ways to calm your nerves and feel less anxious. Take a big breath in through your nose and hold it for a few seconds before gently exhaling through your mouth. Hold for a few seconds before inhaling again. This simple method helps slow your breathing, slowing your pulse and regulating stress. 

Remind Yourself of the Setting

It can be really helpful to take stock of your surroundings and remind yourself that you’re at college and not at school. In this setting, you are surrounded by adults who firstly may not notice if you’re nervous, and even if they do they will be understanding and supportive. 

Remember That it Gets Easier With Practice 

This might not sound that helpful right now, but after time you will begin to notice less anxiety before speaking. Each time you push yourself to try it, it gets a little easier and eventually you will feel more comfortable and confident to talk in front of the class. 

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