Turtleneck Dresses Are All the Rage This Fall & Here’s How to Style Them

If we had to pick fall’s biggest fashion trend, turtleneck dresses would definitely make the cut. Everyone from A-list celebrities to fashion influencers seems to love them, and this brief guide will help you welcome them into your closet and style them to perfection.

Turtleneck Dress + Belt

If we had to pick a single fashion accessory that you can safely style with turtleneck dresses without a single worry in the world, belts would make the cut. No matter how simple your turtleneck dress is, a statement belt will elevate your look and perfectly complement your figure.

Turtleneck Dress + Boots

It’s highly recommended to wear boots with your turtleneck dress and the model you choose makes all the difference. High-knee boots are a pretty popular option and they can make your look edgier, but it’s best to stick to them when wearing mini-dresses.

Turtleneck Dress + Jewelry

Most people avoid adding jewelry to the mix when wearing turtlenecks, but this is a huge mistake. Earrings can be worn without a problem, but how about necklaces? As long as you keep things simple or wear layered necklaces, they can truly take your look to the next level.

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