What is the Most Stressful Major?

College classes can be extremely stressful. A combination of constant studying, pop quizzes, and group projects can really hinder a student’s ability to get good grades while maintaining any sort of social life. So, what major truly is the most stressful? Well, in all honesty, the majority of majors are stressful.

For example, business majors experience stress due to their extremely tough classes and the studying that will undoubtedly have them pulling at least one all-nighter per week.

Business students have class requirements such as accounting, finance, and marketing. These courses are difficult as is but even more stressful for business majors because they have to retain all of the skills learned for their future careers.

What is the Most Stressful Major?

Science majors also experience a ton of stress during their various semesters. From tough weed out classes to research papers, science majors live a very secluded life. You can typically find them preparing for their three-hour lab class in the science library at any other part of the day.

Along with science and business, another major that is very stressful is being an art major.

This may surprise you, but being an art major requires countless hours outside of class time coming to the studio to work on various projects. Art majors typically have to sacrifice much of their relaxation and downtime to trek back to the studio to work on their project until 2 am.

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