What to Do if Your Housemate Has a New Pet

If you agree to live with someone with a certain set of conditions in place, it can be hard to know what to do if the boundaries are suddenly shifted and some of these conditions are changed or broken. You may have moved into a pet-free household, but perhaps one of your housemates has now adopted the neighborhood stray cat, or someone may have got a puppy, reassuring you that it’s only a small dog. Here are some tips on how to deal with these changes to your living setup.

Check Your Contract

Before you accept a new animal in your shared home, check what your contract states in terms of animals. Your landlord may not permit pets, in which case you need to make this clear to your animal-loving housemate, as there is a risk that everyone living in the home will be held responsible by the landlord for any dog or cat caused damage. While you want to stay civil and calm in this conversation, ultimately your housemate needs to respect the contract which you have all signed.

Agree Some Boundaries

If pets are allowed in your shared home, then it’s time to agree some lear boundaries with your housemate. This might mean that their animal is confined to their room and one other space in the home, so that your room isn’t damaged by a roaming pet. You will also want to ensure that, unless the animal is going to become a whole household pet, your housemate sees to essential tasks such as vet visits, cleaning their pet and dealing with any mess.

Enjoy Animal Ownership

Unless you have a clear reason to not have an animal in the house, such as an allergy – in which case, your housemate should accept this as a reason to not have a pet in the house – you can take this opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of animal ownership without any of the drawbacks such as the expense or time commitment. A puppy, kitten or any animal can really lighten the mood in a house and make it feel more like a home, so unless the pet is causing serious issues, enjoy it while you can!

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