What To Expect When You Go To A Fraternity Formal

If you are in a sorority, have a ton of guy friends in different fraternities, and often get asked on their date events, odds are that you will be asked on at least one fraternity formal during your time in school. Fraternity formals are definitely interesting events.

Typically, a fraternity formal is where a guy in a frat takes a girl as his date and they spend a weekend together in some other city. Common places for fraternity formals include New Orleans, Charleston, Nashville, and Virginia Beach.

Some formals are even as elaborate as going to the Bahamas, but that’s not very typical. At these events, guys and their dates are expected to hang out constantly, drink a dangerous amount of liquor, and maybe smoke a cigar or two. If you are asked on a fraternity formal, there are a few things you need to know.

What To Expect When You Go To A Fraternity Formal

1. You will have to share a bed with your date. That’s right. Fraternity formals are basically set up so that their dates are in the perfect situation for the guys to make a move. This may be normal for you if you are already dating the guy, but if you get asked by a friend o someone who seems a bit random, this may be something to consider when deciding to accept the offer of being their date.

2. You will need to make a cooler or a flask. Typically, girls are required to paint a cooler or flat for their date and also purchase snacks and alcohol for the weekend. So, if you get asked, keep in mind that painting a cooler or flask may need to be started a few weeks prior to the event.

3. You will be spending an entire weekend with the guy who asked you. This should be the key decision making factor when accepting or declining an invitation to a formal. Do you think that you could tolerate this dude for an entire weekend?

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