Where Did Rising Star Chappell Roan Go To School?

Chappell Roan got her big break with her viral hit “Good Luck, Babe!”, and people can’t get enough of her music these days. If you’re in the mood to learn more about pop’s next “it girl”, we’re here with all the info about Roan’s academic journey before she became a star.

Chappell Roan was born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, and she grew up in a conservative Midwest community. She attended Willard High School but admitted she didn’t have a good time in high school, describing her teenage years as the hardest thing she’s ever been through.

Roan fell in love with music at a young age and started playing piano when she was 10 before writing her own songs as a teen. She won the school’s talent show with a rendition of “The Christmas Song” at 13 and spent some time singing in the school choir, but didn’t stick around for too long because she felt her voice wasn’t a good fit for the choir.

Roan always felt out of place in high school, but finally felt like she belonged at a summer camp at Interlochen Center for the Art, which she credits with changing the trajectory of her life.

She was still a teen when she signed a deal with Atlantic Records but had to miss out on a lot of important milestones due to her decision to pursue a career in music.

“It was so messy… I felt very unprepared. I didn’t know the consequences of how much I had to sacrifice. I didn’t do my senior year. I didn’t go to prom. I didn’t go to graduation. I missed a lot of what would have been the end of my childhood to do this job,” she told Rolling Stone.

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