Where Did the Cast of “American Pie” Go to School?

Over 20 years ago, the movie industry was shaken up forever as the cult classic American Pie hit our screens. A movie that shaped an entire generation of teenagers, here is where the cast of American Pie actually went to college in real life.

Jason Biggs

Beloved for his role as the goofy yet lovable Jim, Biggs attended New York University after graduating high school. He later transferred to Montclair State University, ultimately dropping out to pursue a career in acting.

Alyson Hannigan

Known for being Jim’s quirky wife Michelle, Hannigan attended California State University, where she earned a degree in psychology. Still, psychology appeared to simply be a backup plan, given that Hannigan went on to shape a blockbuster film and TV career for herself.

Eugene Levy

Before playing Jim’s humorous, loving, and warmhearted dad Noah, Levy attended McMaster University, where he first embraced his love of acting. He even admitted to missing a lot of classes due to immersing himself in film club, a decision that retrospectively turned out to be the right call.

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